How Do You Temporarily Fix a Leaky Roof?

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Fixing Leaks Temporarily

With all the things you have going on in your life, now… you also have a leaky roof! That’s right, leaky roofs happen when you least expect them and usually during the most inconvenient times for you and your bank account. When a leak appears in your roof, you run out to find the best fixes you can. But sometimes, all you can do is have a temporary fix until you find the best residential roofing company to come to the rescue.

Is a Leaky Roof an Emergency?

While you were gracefully listening to the rain outside and drinking a warm cup of coffee you start hearing dripping sounds – a leak. Not only that, those single drops of water start slowly but surely to turn into what seems like a waterfall inside your house! So, is a leaky roof an emergency? Yes. A leaking roof is always an emergency because it means you are now unprotected from the elements and you need to find a solution right away. A small leak can turn into a disaster in a matter of hours.

Can a Leaking Ceiling Collapse?

It sure can. If enough of the leaking roof gets wet, this extra weight becomes too heavy for the structure to support it and ends up collapsing. This isn’t the most common situation, but it can happen if the leaks aren’t fixed right away and if the rain keeps coming through. Sometimes, ceilings collapse even before roofers can get to the location due to the water’s weight. 

What Happens with a Leak Emergency?

What to do during a leaking roof emergency? First, you call a trustworthy contractor as soon as possible, such as J Riley Roofing.

While you wait for the roofers to get to your home, put safety first and follow these tips:

  1. Turn off the electricity supply for safety.
  2. Stop the water from spreading all over your home. This means use buckets, towels, and everything you have on hand to stop the water from damaging the rest of your home.
  3. Remove the rainwater as best as you can by either throwing it outdoors or absorbing it with other materials.
  4. Get in touch with your insurance company to report the mishap.
  5. Get your roof fixed ASAP.

Does Insurance Cover Roof Leaks?

Your insurance may cover roof damage depending on what was the cause of the damage. In most cases, insurance companies will help cover the costs due to storm damage like fallen trees or hail. However, keep in mind that insurance companies will not cover damage from wear and tear or lack of maintenance. They will help pay for accidental and sudden damage instead. What this means is that if your roof’s age or maintenance issues are the cause for leaks in your roof, your insurance will likely not cover the repair or the damages. Always conduct regular inspections on your roof!

How Do You Find a Leak in your Roof?

With recent events of rainfall and hail, you may not be too sure if there’s a leak in your roof, especially if it’s not showing still. The best way to spot a leak is to go up to the attic on a rainy day. Bring a flashlight along since water will reflect the light. Mark the area once you locate the leak. On a nicer day, go up to your roof with some help and pinpoint the location on the exterior side of the roof and have it fixed.

hand over miniature roof model covering it from falling water

How to Handle a Roof Emergency

What exactly qualifies as an emergency roof situation? When the roofing system is so compromised water, hail, or wind infiltration start to happen uncontrollably. When this happens, make sure you call a roofing company right away and install a protective cover to avoid further structural and interior damage.

What happens after you call an emergency roof repair company? If the storm is still wreaking havoc, we will wait until the storm settled down and head to your location as quickly as possible. Safety is the number one priority for everyone. When the wind is high, the rain is heavy, and there is electrical activity, there is not much we can do but wait. Once we get to the location, we will inspect the roof and provide the best solutions.

Bonus: Will a Leaky Roof Cause Mold?

Yes. Roof leaks will cause mold growth of two types: limited growth or systemic.

Bonus: How to Emergency Roof Repair

The best way to repair your roof, or get an “emergency roof fix” after a fire, hail storm, high winds, or any natural disaster is by getting in contact with reliable roofers in the area and acting fast.

The Bottomline

If you are going through an overwhelming emergency roof situation- don’t hesitate to call the experts and call the fast. Your home’s structure and your family could potentially be in danger.

If you’d like assistance with a leaking roof in Justin & Fort Worth, TX call (940) 441-4544 with J Riley Roofing!