When to Get a Roof Inspection

A Roofer Inspects a Roof.

When to get a roof inspection

Homeowners often take their roofs for granted until a leak breaks through the ceiling or a hailstorm slams into it. Only then do they call a roofing company to get a roof inspection and repair. While leaks and storms are good times to follow up with a roof inspection, an inspection should actually be part of your regular home maintenance plan, and most roofing professionals advise you should have your roof inspected annually. This can help you take care of any minor repairs if needed before the damage gets worse or alert you that it’s time to replace the roof.

Fall or spring are often good times to schedule this maintenance inspection. That’s because the colder the weather the harder it becomes for roofers to make repairs or even replace roofs. Cold weather, for instance, keep shingles from sealing down correctly, which can compromise the installation. It can also be very dangerous to make repairs on an icy roof.

You can also rely on a professional roof inspection for a roof insurance claim, and any home inspection for a home sale should include a check of the roof. If you need a reliable roof inspection from an experienced residential roofer in Justin & Fort Worth, TX, you can always count on J Riley Roofing. Call us today at (940) 441-4544 to schedule your inspection.

What happens during a roof inspection?

Whether you’ve scheduled a roof inspection to check for damage or as part of regular maintenance, roofers will follow a similar process that includes:

  • Interior inspection: The inside of your home, in particular your attic, is often checked first for signs of leaks, mold, or any other water damage. The roofer might also check for adequate insulation, which prevents heat loss.
  • Exterior inspection: The inspector then climbs on the roof to get a closer look at problems like damaged or missing shingles and damaged flashing or cracked caulking, or any other issue that might invite water intrusion or cause serious problems later on.
  • Estimate: After the inspection is complete, the roofer provides homeowners with a report that indicates where damage is present and an estimate of costs, including materials and labor, to repair or replace the roof. If the inspection is part of a real estate transaction, both buyers and sellers receive a copy of the report.

How long does it take to inspect a roof?

The average roof inspection will take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or longer. Inspection times could vary depending on the size of the roof and how steep it is, as well as how much damage and what types of damage are present.

How do you pass a roof inspection?

In general, a roof inspection for maintenance isn’t a pass/fail process and technically neither is a roof inspection when buying a house. But when you are buying or selling a house, the must be in as good of shape or better than the home. Problems are likely to appear on home inspection reports either way, and these problems often enter into the negotiation. If you’re the seller, you shouldn’t panic when problems are presented. Instead, you need to find out exactly how severe the problem is. It could range from simple issues like cracked or missing shingles to something much more complex like a rotting deck.

Make sure to get a second opinion from a professional roofer in this case. Once this inspection is performed you can opt to get the repairs done yourself or work the repairs into a lower price on the home. If you ignore the repairs, you still have to reveal the issues to any potential buyers.

As a buyer, you shouldn’t be disheartened with issues appearing on a home inspection report. Evaluate the report and see if the repairs are something you are OK handling yourself once you’ve purchased the home and work it into the negotiations over the selling price unless the seller is willing to make the repairs. With any possible major roofing problems, have a professional roofer take a look. This will give you a better idea of the roof’s condition and may give you a better idea of the home’s overall condition.

Do home inspectors get on roof?

When buying or selling a home, it’s important to include a roof inspection with the home inspection. Some home inspectors will include this as part of their service. Usually, this will involve checking for damaged or missing shingles and making certain your gutters and flashing are in good order. If you have a chimney and fireplace, they will check to see if both are safe. If the home inspector is unable to check the roof or if you want a second opinion about their findings, you should consider hiring a professional roofer to inspect the roof.

Do I have to fix everything on a home inspection?

If you’re selling your home, you have no legal obligation to make any repairs that come up on the home inspection. Depending on the scale of the repairs requested, you might fix them yourself or you might enter the repairs as part of the negotiation on the home’s price. Of course, there are some repairs you might want to make, especially safety issues like bad wiring that’s creating a fire hazard or mold and mildew clean-up because it is a health hazard. These types of issues could prevent you from ever selling the home. You’ll also have to report any issues to prospective buyers.

Roof inspection for insurance

If your roof’s been damaged in a storm or other event, before you file a claim on insurance, you should have a professional roofer inspect the roof. You can avoid several pitfalls when you do this including ensuring all repair issues are caught by repair experts. Adjusters don’t always catch everything and an inspection report will help verify and document your claim. A roofer also might determine the damage isn’t severe enough to warrant you filing a claim because it won’t exceed your deductible. Filing claims too often can cause you to lose coverage.

A Roofer Inspects Tiles

Who can do a roof inspection?

Whether it’s for maintenance or repairs, when you need an expert roof inspection in Justin & Fort Worth, TX, rely on the trusted local professionals at J Riley Roofing. We offer a complete range of residential roofing solutions. Book a service today by calling (940) 441-4544.